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North Devon Bat Care is a small local bat rescue facility run by Samantha Pickering with help from other bat enthusiasts

BAT EMERGENCY - 07896338346

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​Bats in care and how you can help

At North Devon Bat Care we have dedicated space inside and outside specifically for the care and rehabilitation of bats.

Follow this page link for details of how to get involved, bat events in your area and details of regional and national bat groups.

Our picture gallery will hopefully give you a better idea why bat care and rescue is so important. Learn about what happend to each bat and the care given 

If you find a bat during the day time (inside or outside) then it is possible that something is wrong with it and it really needs you to act quickly and get help. 


Please call Samantha on (01271) 314809  or mobile 07896338346

After 6pm please text 07896338346 and I will get back in touch as soon as possible. 

In the unlikely event I cannot answer then please contact the Devon Bat Group on (01409) 281178 for North Devon inquiries and  (01803) 782218 for South Devon inquiries.  The Bat Conservation Trust  bat helpline can be contacted on 

0345 1300 228 though calls for North Devon usually get sent back round to me as I am the closest contact.  

If it is not an emergency then please email me using our contact form or find me on Facebook : 

North Devon Bat Care was started due to there being a shortage of bat carers in this region and a wish to try to ensure that injured or grounded bats did not get overlooked due to care being hard to fine.  The UK bat's are threatened by various issues and it is important we all help to try to correct this.   

North Devon Bat Care

The new bat care flight pen is finally  here.

Thank you so much for all your support, the bats love their new flying space. Pictures of the bats using the flight pen will be uploaded soon.