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Our picture gallery will hopefully give you a better idea why bat rescue and care  is so important. Learn about what happend to each bat and the care they are given.

Help I found a bat!

North Devon Bat Care is a small local bat rescue facility run, by Samantha Pickering, with help from other bat enthusiasts from the local area.

Follow this page link for details of how to get involved. Find out about bat events in your area and details of regional and national bat groups.

North Devon Bat Care

At North Devon Bat Care we have a dedicated bat care and rehabilitation space, featuring both inside and outside facilities. 

​Bats in care and how you can help


Baby Bat Season 2020 is due to start soon. Female bats are heavily pregnant with their single baby and are easy pray to cats right now. Keeping your cat in at night is one of the biggest things you can do to help right now. 

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A bat found during the day time (inside or outside) is usually a sign that something is wrong with the bat. It may be as simple as being misplaced due to disturbance, or as serious as  being critically injured by a preditor, either way they shouldn't be visable during the day so need help.

Safely containing the bat :-

  •  Get a box, with a well fitted lid, and add pencil size air holes ( ice cream tubs work well)
  •  Using GLOVED hands, cover the bat in a small cotton cloth (or piece of t-shirt material or sock) and gentle lift it and place it in the box.
  •  Add a milk bottle lid of water to the box before securing the lid (dehydrated bats struggle to fly)
  •  Put the box in a safe place away from children and curious pets then call for help.

North Devon Bat Care can be contacted on 07896338346 via texted 24 hrs a day, though please be aware that due to family and signal commitments I might not be able to answer immediately. Please do not use Facebook, What's App or Emails for bat rescue enquiries.

Landline calls can be made to (01271) 314809between 8am and 7pm