Bat Care Facilities







Our New Flight Pen - Opened April 2016.

Our flight pen is now bigger, better and stronger than before and is still the only bat flight pen in North Devon and one of very few in the UK. It is a very valuable resource in bat rehabilitation as it allows us to take on the rehabilitation of baby bats and the UK's larger bat species. Flight pen access gives the bats chance to get use to temperature changes, learn to find roosts, capture wild food etc. These are all important lessons for the bats and give me a much greater chance of having a successful bat release. 

North Devon Bat Care

Long Term Care












Unfortunately some times I get bats that due to the nature of their injuries they are either in care for long periods of time or cannot be released as they would not survive in the wild. Each of these bats is carefully assessed and regularly reassessed to check it's suitability for long term captivity and if suitable, once stable and settled, it becomes part of our education team going to schools and other interested groups (adults and children) to raise awareness of these amazing creatures. 

All long term care bats are given enrichment toys in there pens and given every opportunity to exhibit normal bat behavior (though none are able to fly due to there injuries). 


If you or a group you are involved with would like a bat talk then please get in contact via our contact form or email and I will get back to you with more details.

Intesive Care






I have a collection of various sized adapted vivariums and some mesh pop up pens that work well as intensive care units as they can be used safely in conjunction with heat mats allowing me to keep the sickest bats nice and warm and in quarantine from other bats until there conditions improve.